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Zagreb: planning of tour to Brian Joubert on Euro 2013

Information to help in planning of tour to Zagreb for European Championship.

This is the translation of this entry
UPDATE - information about buying the tickets.
agreb got its start as two medieval fortress towns atop hills overlooking the Sava River, and was reborn in the Baroque period as center of business, perfectly located on routes connecting Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea. These days, Zagreb is the heart of contemporary Croatia’s culture, art, sports, and academics, but its history is not forgotten. The unique blend of medieval towers, 19th century palaces, open-air markets, and ancient cathedrals, make Zagreb the perfect city to explore.  
Sites to see in Zagreb:

•    The city gate and tower Lotrshchak
•    Cathedral
•    Church of St. Mark
•    Archaeological Museum
•    Ethnographic Museum
•    Museum of the City of Zagreb
•    Strossmeier Gallery
•    Maksimir



  Day temp, °C

ight temp, °C

Rainfall, mm

Humidity,  %






Actual weather in Zagreb

How to get there
«Aeroflot» provides direct flights to Zagreb, but the ticket price is too high.
There is a sale of Lufthansa at the moment, very cheap and convenient flights via Germany. Non-refundable tariffs.
You can also search tickets here.

About the airport
Pleso airport is located 15 kilometers to the south of Zagreb.
Проезд к аэропорту Загреба карта
There is one terminal and one runway, no boarding bridges and piers in Pleso airport. Duty Free shop is small and very poor. It does not make sense to leave purchases until the airport.
Currency exchange offices are open from 7 to 21. Out of this time you can get local currency using ATMs. There are not too many cafes at the airport, especially after passing the passport control. Best of all to eat before going to the airport, or in public area of the airport. There are no hotels near the airport.

REGULATION ON THE VISA REGIME of the Republic of Croatia

Official hotel Four Points Sheraton – Panorama Hotel ****
Address: Trg Kresimira Cosica 9  Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Single room      78,00 EUR (already not on sale)
Double room     80,00 EUR no breakfast
Double room with breakfast – 98 EUR

You can search the accommodation yourself contacting hotels or apartments from the official site of Zagreb. Sorry, there is no a normal search engine.
Also you can search and book hotels here
It’s possible to find much cheaper accommodation, such as hostels, from 15 euro per person per night.  
There are cheap apartments at the same website, sleeping 4-6 people in an apartment is the most economical choice.
One more website to find cheap apartments, booking directly from a landlord, without middlemen and commissions. Troublesome, but very cheap!
More comfortable (and therefore more expensive) apartment to search and book here or here.

National currency of Croatia is Kuna (Kh, HRK), of 100 lindens. There are banknotes in 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 Kh, and coins of 1, 2, 5 and 10 Kh, 20, 50 lindens in currency.
Money can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies and hotels. Some banks change without commission, but usually the commission is 1-1.5%. Reverse exchange is possible only in banks. It is necessary to keep bank receipt. Banks are open from 8.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday, Saturday 8.00 - 12.00.
Credit cards MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Visa are accepted everywhere.

Exchange Rate (31.08.2012)

• Transportation
You can reach Zagreb city from the airport by Croatia Airlines bus. It departs from the airport to the central bus station in Zagreb every half hour from 7 am to 8 pm, later - after the arrival of each flight. Departure from the bus station 4.30 am - 8 pm, and beyond this time - one and a half hours prior to each flight. The journey takes about 25 minutes, fare is 30 Kh. Bus schedule from the airport.
The way by taxi to the city center takes about 20 minutes. Fare is 25 Kh for start and 7 Kh for each kilometer. Thus, a trip to the city costs approximately 100-150 Kh. From 10 pm to 5 am, on Sundays and holidays there is a surcharge of 20%. Each piece of luggage will be charged of 5 Kh
UPD: Our landlord has been recommended to use Cameo Taxi from the airport to Zagreb centre. Cameo Taxis do not queue in front of airport building. Once you arrive, call the te +3851121201121 and go on the parking in front of the building where "domestic arrivals" sign is (it's to the left, Zagreb airport is tiny, you can not miss it). Till you get there the taxi will probably be already waiting for you. Cameo charges around 100 kuna to the city center (cca 15 euros). Cameo doesn't have license to pick up people from airport and drive to Zagreb. But, when they are called, Cammeo driver will pick you up. Do not ask why, it's one of local paradox.
Other company taxis queue in front of the building, they charge around 170 kuna (add 20% nights and holidays).
ZAGREB MUNICIPAL TRANSIT SYSTEM (ZET) is provided by buses, trams and cable cars, running through the historic center of the city. Single ticket, purchased at a kiosk or ZET office, costs 12 Kh, the same one purchased from the driver - 15 Kh. It is valid for a 90-minute trip in one direction. One day ticket costs 40 Kh, a ticket for 3 days - 100 Kh, for 7 days - 200 Kh. Upon entering the cabin, the ticket must be validated. In ZET or newspaper kiosk you can buy an electronic transport card, in Croatian it’s called Vrijednosna karta. It can be also recharged up to 1000 Kh. Fare with payment by card is 10 Kh, paid with a card validator. You can pay for more than 1passenger by card. In this case indicate the passengers number on validator, then read the card. It is also possible to pay for a day ticket by card. The complete user’s instruction, but only in Croatian. On the validator itself you can choose English.
You can also pay the fare with SMS, having sent a text ZG to the number 8585, tickets costs 12 Kh plus the cost of sending SMS.
Night ticket (00:00 to 4:00) costs double fare. The funicular fare is 5 Kh. To see all rates here.
In Zagreb, you can buy a one day (60 Kh) or three days (90 Kh) ticket «Zagreb Card»The card is valid for 72 or 24 hours from the date and time entered on the card and is not transferable. With the card you will receive a separate booklet in which you will find a list of service providers and the discounts available at their establishments. Unlimited travel on public transport in Zagreb, discounts at virtually all of the city’s museums, reduced prices at many restaurants, shops, and service providers and many other concessions are what make Zagreb Card an irreplaceable travel companion in Zagreb. You can purchase the Zagreb Card online, at all of Zagreb’s Tourist Information Centres and at the reception desks of the majority of Zagreb’s hotels.
To purchase a card online please click here. For a list of all of the places where Zagreb Card can be purchased, please click here.

Taxis are equipped with counters. Tariff calculation sum depending on distance traveled (5 Kh per kilometer), but also includes a start fee (12 Kh) and each piece of baggage fee (0.8 Kh). Night (from 22:00 to 5:00), weekends and holidays trip is paid 20% more expensive. In the city center it's best to travel by tram.
Tram map in PDF
Трамваи Загреба карта
Central bus station (Autobusni Kolodvor) in Zagreb is located a mile from downtown and three tram stops away from the train station (Glavni Kolodvor). From the bus station to the train station you can go by tram number 2 and 6. Schedules, rates and maps of city transport. Coaches from Zagreb schedule.

Where the competition will take place

Main arena:  Dom sportova, Trg Kresimira Cosica 11
By tram
Lines 3, 9 and 12, get off at Trešnjevacki and walk to the Square of Dom Sportova.
By bus
From Trga Mažuranića line 118 Trg Mažuranića - Voltino
Photo of the arena inside.

Practice arena:  Klizalište Velesajam, Jozefa Antala bb

By tram
Lines 7 and 14 - get off at Trnsko, to the western entrance into Velesajma turn to the right to Jožefa Antala street (to Velesajma and racetrack) and go to the rink.
By bus
From the main train / bus station line 234 Glavni kolodvor - Kajzerica - Lanište.

Location of the both rinks on Google map

All day ticket        15.- EUR    
All Event ticket    100.- EUR   Section A & D (Ice)
Gala                    50.- EUR    Section A & D (Ice)
                           40.- EUR    Section B
                           15.- EUR    Section C
Ticket for the GALA is included in All Event ticket
SEATS ARE NOT NUMMERATED, by sector. The first came, the first occupied a seat.
How to buy tickets
You need to fill in the following form  and to send it to e-mail:
And wait about 10 days for the invoice. Payment should be made in euro by bank transfer.
After the payment is received, they will send electronic confirmation to your e-mail.
You can pick up your tickets at the box office of the main arena with the valid ID.

nbsp;                                             Event Schedule

Helpful information
Tips are welcome In Croatia. In hotels, restaurants and taxis, if service charge is not included in the bill, it is about 10%. It is also common to leave a small fee to guides and barmen.
Electricity. Voltage all around Croatia is 220V, frequency is 50 Hz, standard round sockets and plugs are in use, but due to an intense reconstruction of many hotels to European standards, it becomes more common European wall socket.
Phone calls to another country: 00 (long beep) + country code + area code + phone number.
In Croatia: Country code: 385.
Useful tel numbers
City information service - 988.
Country information service - 989.
International information service - 902.
General information service - 981.
Information service of International Airport Zagreb - 6525-222.
Road information service - (01) 4640-800.
Radios taxi - 970.
Emergency services
Police - 92.
Ambulance - 94 or 4600-911 (Zagreb).
Fire - 93.
Road emergency service - 987.


• Pozdrav! Bok! - Hello! Hi!
• Dobro jutro! Good morning!
• Dobar dan! Dobra večer! - Hello! Good evening!
• Laku noć! - Good night!
• Doviđenja! Bok! - Goodbye! Bye!
• Čuvaj (- te) se. - Take care of yourself (good-bye).
• Oprostite. Izvinite! - Sorry!
• Oprostite ... – Excuse me… (attracting attention)
• Dozvolite ... (proći) – Let me ... (pass)
• Hvala / molim  - thank you / please
• Nema na čemu  - You are welcome.
• Nisam htio / htjela - - I did not mean to (masculine and feminine).
• U redu - It's okay, it does not matter, nothing
• Govorite li ruski / engleski? – Do you speak Russian/English?
• Ne govorim hrvatski - I don’t speak Croatian
• Što ste rekli? - What do you say?
• Molim? - What? I'm sorry? What do you say?
• Kako se zovete? - What is your name?
• Zovem se ... - My name is ...
• Razumijete li to? - Do you understand?
• Razumijem  - I understand that.

I wish to everyone planning a trip to Zagreb to have happy journey, an unforgettable experience and good luck to our Brian!

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